Precision sensing

Fulcrum3D was established in 2011 by Fulcrum Energy and its partner Orang-utan Engineering to develop, manufacture, market and support 3D sensors for renewable energy developers and utilities worldwide. The result is unique technology designed specifically to support the renewable energy sector.

Our range of remote sensing products includes:

  • Wind monitoring using our compact beam Sodar
  • Solar resource monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring, tracking and prediction systems
  • Integrated noise & weather monitoring

Our technology platform is based on a robust telemetry system, designed for maintenance free operation in remote environments. Each Fulcrum3D product is GPS enabled and comes with its own solar power supply and communications system.

Client data is available for web download via our Flightdeck portal.

Fulcrum3D systems have now been installed in most states of Australia as well as the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and China.

We look forward to providing you with great Australian technology supported by first class service and support.

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