innovative cloud monitoring and forecasting

  • innovative cloud detection and cloud cover measurement and forecasting system
  • ideal for predicting short term power fluctuations from solar PV systems
  • integrates with on-site SCADA via Modbus and data is available via Flightdeck

Fulcrum3D’s CloudCAM system is designed to detect clouds, measure cloud cover and accurately predict cloud shadow locations and cloud events at specified areas of interest. CloudCAM can provide cloud and solar irradiance forecasts up to 15 minutes in advance, depending on local conditions.

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Cloud Measurement

Cloud Measurement

Solar Power

Solar Power

Ramp Rate Control

Ramp Rate Control

Network Management & Scheduling

Network Management & Scheduling

Sports Arena Management

Sports Arena Management

product options

CloudCAM is based on a field-mounted camera system, providing high resolution cloud imagery which is then processed to detect individual clouds. CloudCAM images are analysed in real time to identify, categorize, and track clouds and to predict cloud movement.

CloudCAM Sensor Head 120x120

Cloud Detection 120x120

CloudCAM – standard hardware

  • provides real-time cloud detection and cloud cover measurements
  • weatherproof all-sky camera system with a fixed fish-eye lens provides 360/180 degree sky coverage
  • includes Kipp&Zonen SMP11 pyranometer (irradiance) and Vaisala HMP60 (temperature, humidity) sensors
  • includes solar power supply, remote communications and mounting kit
  • integrate with local SCADA via modbus or access data remotely via Flightdeck
CloudCAM CC1 120x120 Solar Forecast Module (optional)

  • provides cloud forecasts and solar irradiance forecasts for the CloudCAM location and a nearby area of interest
  • requires standard CloudCAM hardware system
SONY DSC Power Forecast Module (optional)

  • provides cloud and solar irradiance forecasts for the CloudCAM location and a nearby area of interest
  • requires standard CloudCAM system and Solar Forecast Module
Ramp Rate Control 120x120 Ramp Rate Control Module (optional)

  • limits solar power output to acceptable levels via inverter control (requires suitable inverters)
  • accepts ramp-up, ramp-down and set-point controls
SONY DSC CloudSAT Forecast Module (optional)

  • provides larger spatial coverage and longer term forecasts for the CloudCAM location and a nearby area of interest
  • available (where satellite coverage exists) as stand-alone system or for integration with CloudCAM
SolarMAN Sensor Head 120x120 Additional Solar and Weather Sensors

  • standard hardware can be expanded to include additional solar and weather sensors
  • options include pyrheliometers, rain sensors, pressure sensors and wind sensors


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 Epuron Logo 164x39 “Fulcrum3D’s solar monitoring and CloudCAM allow us to optimise our high penetration solar / battery storage system to reduce battery maintenance, extend battery life and save money, at the same time as reducing sudden changes in power output. Highly recommended.”


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