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Clouds have a substantial impact on the sunlight reaching the earth, and changes in cloud shading can be very rapid. This affects many industries ranging from agriculture to solar power production to naturally lit facilities such as buildings and sports arenas.

CloudCAM can detect nearby clouds, measure cloud cover, locate clouds and cloud shadows and predict their future location.

CloudCAM is particularly suited the to the solar energy industry where rapid and significant changes in solar power output result from cloud events.


BoM Learmonth 120x80 Cloud cover measurement and controls

  • automatic cloud cover measurement at a point or over a broad area (% cover, oktas)
  • cloud cover settings and event flags for use in automated control systems
  • for meteorological authorities, agricultural users, building designers and researchers
  • uses include meteorology, greenhouses, irrigation systems, telescope operators, building control systems
Solar Off Grid 120x80 Solar Power: Off-grid PV

  • measure and predict cloud shading and solar power output across the entire solar farm
  • allow higher penetration solar without disrupting existing generators, increasing fuel savings
  • implement ramp rate control on PV inverters to reduce rate of change in output to acceptable levels
  • implement optimised set point control to cap solar power output to levels acceptable for diesel power stations
Batteries 120x80 Solar Power: Off-grid PV with Integrated Energy Storage

  • optimise charge / discharge of batteries based on solar power forecasts to minimise unnecessary energy spill
  • implement ramp rate control on PV inverters to reduce unnecessary cycling of energy storage
  • reduce the energy storage capacity required to maintain acceptable operations for the same solar power penetration
  • reduce system losses, improve battery lifetime and reduce overall costs
Solar Grid con 120x80 Grid Connected Solar Farms

  • optimise market bid strategies based on short term solar power output forecasts
  • provide essential power output forecasts to network operators
Powerlines 120x80 Electricity Network Management and Scheduling

  • accurately forecast short term solar power output from centralised or decentralised solar power stations
  • allow optimum network control and generator scheduling
SCG 120x80 Sports Arena Management

  • manage artificial lighting at sports venues based on cloud shading predictions
  • analyse optimal event times based on cloud shadow events



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