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why do you sell the standard package and modules separately?

Every customer’s needs are different. Some customers only require cloud measurements, whereas others need short term forecasting of irradiance or solar power output. Others may require additional environmental monitoring at the same time. Fulcrum3D allows its customers to choose only the functions they need.

how far ahead can it forecast?

Fulcrum3D’s CloudCAM is designed to detect clouds and accurately predict the timing of cloud events and their likely impact on solar irradiance and solar power output.  CloudCAM has been designed for prediction from 30 seconds to >15 minutes in advance, allowing the control of local power plant to be optimized for the variable solar conditions.

what if I need longer term forecasts?

Changes in cloud formation are so rapid that the reliability of ground-based sensors is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes in cloudy conditions. Longer term forecasts can be made available from satellite or meteorological data, which do not have the resolution available to make near-term forecasts. The two forecasts formats can also be nested, with satellite based analysis for longer predictions and CloudCAM forecasts for near-term forecasts.

what field trials have been undertaken?

CloudCAM has undergone field trials at our offices in Sydney and at various solar power station sites in the Northern Territory of Australia. It has been tested in coastal, arid and tropical environments which exhibit  wide variety of cloud conditions. Continuous field trials are ongoing to further improve our detection and prediction algorithms and demonstrate reliability.

can I add additional sensors to CloudCAM?

By integrating with Fulcrum3D’s solar monitoring system the complete set of environmental parameters is measured within one system, allowing correlation analysis to be carried out between the various environmental parameters. For example, risk analysis can be carried out by comparing cloud measurements with actual solar measurements.

how do you access data from your Fulcrum3D CloudCAM?

Access to our online portal, Flightdeck, is included in your annual data access fee and allows data to be downloaded and information about your CloudCAM system and location including mapping, deployment history etc to be viewed. Visit Flightdeck for a tour (Firefox or Chrome).

how do you communicate with the Fulcrum3D CloudCAM?

The Fulcrum3D CloudCAM is equipped with remote communications which transfers wind and other data to the Fulcrum3D servers via the cellular network. This is generally preconfigured when the unit is supplied. When on site installing the unit, Flightdeck Onboard can be used to view real time met data, check mobile/cell reception strength, current logger time etc. with a laptop.

can users customise the Fulcrum3D CloudCAM setup?

Some features of CloudCAM can be customised by the end user to ensure it meets the end users requirements. These include features as sampling rates, alarm thresholds, areas of interest, and plant parameters. The CloudCAM Data Specification includes further details.

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