reliable, remotely operated monitoring equipment

Fulcrum3D provides various systems designed to support the renewable energy industry. These products all form part of a single integrated platform:

  • based on the proven design of the high frequency Fulcrum3D FDL1 Datalogger system
  • designed for remote operation
  • automated data retrieval and delivery
  • all data can be downloaded from a single location via the Flightdeck

This means higher reliability, lower cost, and easier access to your data.

General weather monitoring

Fulcrum3D has developed a compact weather monitoring system based on its high frequency FDL1 Datalogger.  This system will include all necessary parameters for renewable energy systems and other environmental management systems.

Solar resource monitoring

Fulcrum3D provides solar monitoring systems based on its high frequency FDL1 datalogger, and can also offer additional solar monitoring sensors to expand on its existing Sodar or CloudCam systems. Additional measurements include solar irradiance (global, direct and/or diffuse), rainfall, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Integrating CloudCam and solar resource monitoring will provide the complete solar monitoring solution.

Wind resource monitoring

In addition to the Sodar wind monitoring system, Fulcrum3D can provide a wind monitoring system based on its high frequency FDL1 Datalogger for systems requiring met masts. In addition to normal met mast measurements, this system allows high speed logging of ultrasonic anemometers which provides additional information on wind gusts and turbulence as well as information on scalar / vector averaging of wind data measurements.

Integrated noise and weather monitoring

Fulcrum3D is developing an integrated noise monitoring system NoiseMan which provides all necessary noise and weather parameters in a single package. NoiseMan is designed for fully remote operations with data being delivered via Flightdeck.

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