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can I add additional sensors?

Fulcrum3D’s dataloggers can be expanded to take in a range of meteorological, environmental and other sensors. Fulcrum3D can also supply solar tracking hardware to mount pyrheliometers, shadow rings and other devices where required.

how do you access data from your Fulcrum3D Datalogger?

Access to our online portal, Flightdeck, is included in your annual data access fee and allows data to be downloaded and information about your datalogger system and location including mapping, deployment history etc to be viewed. Visit Flightdeck for a tour (Firefox or Chrome).

how do you communicate with the Fulcrum3D Datalogger?

The Fulcrum3D Datalogger is equipped with remote communications which transfers wind and other data to the Fulcrum3D servers via the cellular network. This is generally preconfigured when the unit is supplied. When on site installing the unit, Flightdeck Onboard can be used to view real time met data, check mobile/cell reception strength, current logger time etc. with a laptop.

can users customise the Fulcrum3D Datalogger setup?

Some features of the datalogger can be customised by the end user to ensure it meets their requirements. These include features as sampling rates, alarm thresholds, and other configuration data. Contact Fulcrum3D further details.

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