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what is Flightdeck?

Flightdeck is Fulcrum3D’s on-line data management system which allows users to access and download all monitoring data, as well as manage equipment locations and monitoring sites. Flightdeck is being constantly improved, with additional reporting and analysis functions in the works as well.

how is data accessed from remote monitoring systems?

The majority of Fulcrum3D’s systems connect to the web behind a firewall protected weblink, usually via the mobile phone network. Cable broadband and satellite options are also available. Data is uploaded to Fulcrum3D’s secure servers for processing, backup and data access via Flightdeck.

what power supplies are required?

Fulcrum3D systems all rely on a solar power supply which is provided with the unit. In some instances alternate power suppy options are available or required, including external power sources or portable fuel cell options.  Details are available in the specifications for each product.

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