integrated noise and weather monitoring

Accurate monitoring of background noise is critical for many applications, and especially for wind farm development. Planning authorities continue to strengthen requirements, with many now requesting coincident measurement of wind speeds, rainfall, noise and other parameters at the planning stage. Further, these parameters are now required to be measured over longer time periods, increasing the need for robust monitoring systems designed for remote operation.

Wind farm noise prediction requires the coincident measurement of background noise levels at receivers together with local wind measurements, sometimes both at the wind farm site and at the receiver. Additional data such as rainfall measurements can help to isolate invalid data, allowing more accurate prediction of impacts.

Once operating, compliance reporting is generally required on the same basis as predictions, and often this compliance reporting requires permanent wind and noise monitoring at a site.

Fulcrum3D has developed an integrated noise monitoring system which provides all necessary noise and weather parameters in a single package. The system provides a number of advantage which make noise measurements easier to manage:

  • fully automated and designed for remote operations
  • integrated solar power supply providing non-stop power with in excess of 7 days energy storage to cover cloudy periods – no more flat batteries
  • communication via 3G/GSM or satellite means noise data is retrieved automatically and uploaded onto Fulcrum3D’s secure servers
  • data access is available 24/7 over the web via Flightdeck
  • continuous remote interrogation means correct operation can be checked remotely
  • includes a GPS receiver, acting both as a security device (protecting against theft) and also confirming exact installation locations.

What this means is that noise specialists can access noise data, ensure correct operations, and even determine how many valid datapoints are available without leaving the office. This can save a significant amount of time, resources and cost by identifying issues early so that data collection does not delay documentation.

Once sufficient data is available, a technician can pick up and relocate the unit immediately with no battery swaps or data downloads required.

monitoring parameters

The Fulcrum3D Noise Monitoring system is based around the FDL1 datalogger platform and an industry standard noise logger. Additional weather sensors can be integrated for more detailed site investigations, including:

  • wind speed and direction
  • rainfall (tipping bucket or capacitive plate)
  • temperature, pressure and humidity
  • sound recordings (allowing data outliers or diurnal effects to be investigated)

In each case, instruments of various designs and classes can be supplied with or without calibration certificates.

All measurement parameters are time-stamped to internet time protocol. The logger sampling frequencies can be set from as high as several hundred samples per second, with standard sampling at 1 sample per second. All parameters are also aggregated as necessary to meet compliance requirements.

Once sufficient data is available, a technician can pick up and relocate the unit immediately with no battery swaps or data downloads required.

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