A flexible design for a variety of applications

A Fulcrum3D Sodar is the right system for a variety of wind monitoring applications:

  • resource assessment – providing high quality wind data from prospecting to proving
  • power curve verification – ensuring you get what you pay for
  • performance monitoring – maximising the performance of your asset
  • wind forecasting – knowing your output ahead of time

The Fulcrum3D Sodar is designed to meet all of these needs.


Sodar Cold Climate Luko 120x80 Site prospecting

  • a Fulcrum3D Sodar can be easily moved between different site prospects for wind or background noise assessments
  • no planning approvals are needed, and relocation only takes a few hours and requires no additional expenditure
  • eliminate poor sites and identify the most viable sites  with confidence, without the cost of expensive met masts
F3D Sodar - Ballark 120x80 Site yield assessment

  • the Fulcrum3D Sodar is accepted by DNV-GL for use in bankable energy yield assessments
  • use on a stand-alone basis or supplement an existing met mast to provide additional measurement locations on site
  • particularly useful for short term “infill” campaigns to take additional measurements near existing met masts
Sodar installation - with mast 120x80 Wind shear verification

  • most met masts cover less than half the wind turbine swept area, leading to a significant increase in yield uncertainty
  • a Fulcrum3D Sodar measures across the entire wind turbine area meaning lower uncertainty and better financing and project returns
  • extend measurements above met masts with side by side measurements, and independently confirm met mast accuracy at the same time
Sodar installation - Birrema 120x80 Site suitability and inflow angle measurement

  • in complex terrain, wind turbines can experience significant inflow angles which are not measured using traditional anemometry
  • this has a significant effect on turbine yield and turbine life
  • a Fulcrum3D Sodar directly measures inflow angles in both simple and complex terrain
Cathedral Rocks WF 120x80 Reliability assessment

  • directly measure wind regime across a turbine to understand long term reliability and causes of regular failures
  • analyse the forces impacting the turbine by measuring wind inflow angles across the entire rotor swept area
  • results can be used to adjust operating modes under challenging wind conditions to reduce repair and maintenance costs
Lelystad Test 120x80 Power curve performance testing

  • the cost of installing met masts means power curve performance testing is rarely carried out on all turbines
  • with an Fulcrum3D Sodar every turbine can be tested to ensure that the entire wind farm meets performance requirements
  • this allows operators to secure compensation for under-performing turbines
Sodar Snowtown 120x80 Wind forecasting

  • use in short term energy forecasting systems to predict output from 5 minutes to >24 hours ahead
  • locate upstream of a wind farm to predict its power output and set bid strategies or manage alternate generation options
  • benefit from the Fulcrum3D Sodar’s low cost, reliability and long term stability


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