innovative solar resource monitoring and forecasting

  • accurate solar data is essential in financing and operating solar energy projects
  • cloud detection and solar forecasting helps manage solar fluctuations
  • Fulcrum3D offers world class products for resource assessment, forecasting, soiling analysis and cloud detection
  • Flightdeck support allows easy on-line data access and equipment management


SolarMAN Sensor Head 120x120 Solar Monitoring

  • fully self contained solar monitoring system with remote access
  • high speed monitoring allows 1s solar data
  • upgrade to soiling test station,  pyrheliometers and other sensors
  • all data is available via Flightdeck
CloudCAM Sensor Head 120x120 CloudCAM

  • cloud detection and cloud cover measurement system
  • integrates with on-site SCADA via Modbus
  • upgradeable to solar forecasting system
  • all data is available via Flightdeck
CloudCAM CC1 120x120 Solar and Cloud Forecasting

  • short term forecasting system to manage solar fluctuations
  • cloud event forecasting
  • solar irradiance and solar power output forecasting
  • all data available to local SCADA via Modbus and remotely via Flightdeck
FDL1 Monitoring 120x120 Rain and weather monitoring

  • fully self contained datalogger with remote data access
  • temporary or permanent installation
  • high speed sampling capability (>200Hz)
  • all data available via Flightdeck



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 Epuron Logo 164x39 “Fulcrum3D’s solar monitoring and CloudCAM allow us to optimise our high penetration solar / battery storage system to reduce battery maintenance, extend battery life and save money, at the same time as reducing sudden changes in power output. Highly recommended.”
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