solar monitoring with a difference

Accurate solar power measurement is vital in understanding the performance of solar power stations, and is also valuable in general meteorology.

SolarMAN can accurately measure irradiance with high sampling rates to ensure accurate rate-of-change analysis and appropriate design for balance of systems in solar power stations. It can also help users analyse the impacts of diversity through its low drift internet-synched clock.

SolarMAN is particularly suited the to the solar energy industry where rapid and significant changes in solar power output result from cloud events.


Solar Resource Assessment Solar Resource Assessment

  • accurately measure solar resources on site to reduce uncertainty inherent in computer models (e.g. PVSyst)
  • improve financing by reducing uncertainty in yield calculations
  • reduce risk to equity in highly geared projects which result from errors in resource estimates
Assessing Intermittency Solar Power Intermittency

  • analyse short term cloud events for speed of onset and typical duration
  • optimise system sizing based on typical cloud frequency and duration (e.g. PV / storage / generator ratios)
  • compare short term power production increases with cyclic ratings of equipment
Solar Grid con 120x80 Solar Power Performance Management

  • ensure operating module performance is as per specification
  • identify maintenance needs, partial plant failure or plant degradation early
  • optimise financial operating performance of the plant
Soiling Analysis Solar Panel Soiling Analysis

  • accurately measure expected soiling losses on site prior to financing to reduce impact of conservative bank assumptions
  • improve financial performance by optimising array cleaning regimes post construction
Solar Forecasting Solar forecasting

  • optimise performance of forecasting systems through accurate feedback
  • measure and predict cloud shading and solar power output across the entire solar farm
  • allow higher penetration solar without disrupting existing generators, increasing fuel savings
  • implement ramp rate control on PV inverters to reduce rate of change in output to acceptable levels
Ag Science 120x80 General meteorology

  • improve meteorological analysis through accurate measurements of the effect of solar irradiance
  • useful for evaporation analysis, building and greenhouse management, temperature rise calculations of plant, dynamic rating of powerlines
  • used by meteorologists, agricultural scientists, building managers, asset managers


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