Fulcrum3D inventive solutions will add value to your wind and solar investment.

    Wind Measurement

    Wind farms require comprehensive, accurate data; it is essential for their successful planning, financing, and ongoing operation. Our unique Fulcrum3D Sodar technology meets the data requirements of the wind energy industry.

      Solar Measurements

      We invented CloudCAM to measure and deliver accurate solar data. Cloud detection and solar generation forecasting assist in the management of solar fluctuations to ensure maximum return on investment.

        Data Capture & Recording

        FlightDECK provides secure, 24/7 access to your site data and information about your Fulcrum3D device. This online portal provides both raw and Afiltered data, for fast download that is fully secured in accordance with W3C standards.

          Solar and Wind Forecasting

          Our precision devices allow us to provide accurate forecasts for power generation in solar and wind energy production. These forecasts ensure energy providers match their provided estimates to AEMO, maximising return on investment.

          More information can be found here

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            Fulcrum3D presentation at Energy and Mines Africa

            Congratulations to Energy and Mines on another excellent conference in these socially distanced time...

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            Fulcrum3D Forecasting Featured in Ecogeneration

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            23 • May • 21

            Fulcrum3D acknowledged in Parliament

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            29 • Mar • 21

            Fulcrum3D Sodar assesses resources for green hydrogen specialist Infinite Blue Energy

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