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Solar Monitoring Base Hardware

The Fulcrum3D solar monitoring system is a fully automated remote sensing system designed to accurately measure solar irradiance and other weather parameters providing real-time solar and meteorological measurements (1 sample per second by default).

The Base Hardware Package includes:

  • 2x Kipp&Zonen SMP11 Pyranometers (horizontal and tilt mounted)
  • Vaisala HMP60 temperature/humidity sensors (expandable to WXT520 multi-weather sensor)
  • Integration with local SCADA via modbus or access data remotely via FlightDECK
  • Portable stand-alone unit with solar power supply, remote communications and mounting hardware
  • GPS locator
  • The system can be integrated with CloudCAM for a host of additional features.

Soiling Test Station (optional)

  • 2x fixed tilt solar modules
  • Power output measured via short circuit method
  • Requires manual cleaning of “clean” module as required for comparison

Additional Solar and Weather Sensors (optional)

The Base hardware can be expanded to include additional solar and weather sensors. Options include:

  • Reference cells
  • Pyrheliometers
  • Module temperature sensor
  • Rain sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Wind sensors

CloudCAM Integration (optional)

  • Cloud measurement, cloud forecasts and solar irradiance forecasts can be provided by CloudCAM
  • Requires standard CloudCAM hardware system and optional solar forecast module

Performance Monitoring

Accurate performance monitoring is vital to ensure optimum performance of solar investments.

  • Ensure operating module performance is as per specification
  • Identify maintenance needs, partial plant failure or plant degradation early
  • Optimise financial operating performance of the plant