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DataVOLT - High-speed data logger designed for remote operations

DataVOLT is designed for fully remote operations with data automatically uploaded to Fulcrum3D’s servers for client access via the web.

The DataVOLT platform allows connection of a variety of sensors for almost any monitoring application and can be integrated into any remote monitoring requirement. It is suitable for Met Mast or stand-alone monitoring and produces high sampling frequencies – up to several hundred samples per second, with all parameters for statistical aggregation to meet user requirements.

DataVOLT can be integrated into any remote monitoring requirement and is suitable for both Met Mast or stand-alone monitoring in addition to noise and solar monitoring.

The base package includes:

  • DataVOLT high speed data logger
  • Standard mounting brackets


Detailed investigation of high speed events

  • Impact of cloud onset on irradiance measurements or solar power output
  • Assessment of scalar – vector averaging of wind vectors
  • Eddy flux covariance measurements

Manage very high data volumes

With high on-board storage and constant data download, including:

  • High sampling rate / high resolution photography
  • Sound recordings
  • High sampling rate time series from multiple measurement instruments
  • Internet time protocol time stamp for all measurement parameters – no time-clock adjustments
  • Communication via LTE/3G or satellite for automatic data retrieval automatically and upload to secure servers

Secure and remote operation

A portable, robust unit with in-built security

  • Fully portable and operated remotely
  • Continuous remote interrogation to ensure correct operation
  • Integrated solar power supply providing non-stop power with 7+ days energy storage to cover cloudy periods
  • GPS receiver – a locator and security device to protect against theft
  • Radiation shielded ip68 enclosure to survive in the harshest environments


Instruments of various designs and classes can be supplied with or without calibration certificates.

Wind speed and direction

  • Anemometers
  • Wind vanes

High speed wind monitoring

  • Using ultrasonics – 2D and 3D
  • Comparison of Vector and Scalar averaging

Solar irradiance measurements

  • Including high speed rate of change detection

Rain measurements

  • Rain accumulation
  • Rain rate

Temperature, pressure and humidity

  • Functional in a variety of climate conditions
  • Radiation shielded ip68 enclosure to survive in the harshest environments
  • Robust unit, manufactured in Australia, tested around the world

Sound recording

Digital camera systems (including CloudCAM)