DNV GL have today released a report verifying the performance of the Fulcrum3D Sodar against a 100m mast in moderately complex terrain.

The performance is excellent and DNV GL concludes “the Fulcrum3D Sodar …  is able to reproduce cup anemometer wind speeds and wind vane directions at a very accurate level“.

DNV GL go on to state that it “considers that for little to moderately complex terrain sites, data from the Fulcrum3D device may be used in a quantitative sense with reasonable error bars for the purpose of the assessment of the wind regime at potential wind farm sites“.  This confirms the suitability of the Fulcrum3D Sodar for use in bankable wind studies including in moderately complex terrain.

A summary version containing the conclusions of the report can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. If you wish to see a full version of the report please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the Sodar options that we have available.

Some of the key wind speed statistics are shown in the graph and table below for four concurrent heights. Note the excellent correlations and wind speed accuracy: