FlightDECK is Fulcrum3D’s online data access portal, and is now being progressively rolled out to all existing customers.

Fulcrum3D devices are internet connected and send data back to our servers for storage, backup and processing. FlightDECK, offers an easy online portal to access data and information about your Fuclrum3D device. The system is fully secured in accordance with W3C standards to ensure data security.

Visit flightdeck.fulcrum3d.com for more detail. this includes a video tour to take you through the functionality available.

In the current release users can:

  • set up and view project sites, and locations within those sites, to make managing equipment deployment easy;
  • view maps showing the location of sites and equipment;
  • add other infrastructure such as houses, third party masts, wind turbines etc. to maps;
  • view and interrogate device  deployment history;
  • download all Fulcrum3D device data in both raw and automatically filtered formats.

The functionality is being expanded regularly in response to user requests.

FlightDECK Onboard

Fuclrum3D has also developed a browser enabled Sodar access system called FlightDECK Onboard. This allows commissioning checks to be carried out on site such as checking data capture, real time readings, communications strength, data server connection check etc. This tool also allows customised user functions such as adding in specific heights of interest to match anemometers on a mast, turbine blade heights etc.

Please contact us if you wish to know more.