In January 2015, Fulcrum3D released a new data version for the Fulcrum3D Sodar.

The fleet wide summary includes verification results for over 25 mast/sodar pairs which is a significant and substantial body of knowledge to demonstrate consistent and sustained performance. Importantly:

  • Wind speed correlation slope is consistently in and around 1.000;
  • Wind speed correlation bias is constantly in and around 0.0%;
  • Wind speed correlation cooefficient of determination (R²) consistently above 0.960 and with the majority over 0.970;
  • Wind shear consistently matching the adjacent mast;
  • Wind direction correlation showing strong match to mast (slope of 1.000 and R2 consistently above 0.995);
  • Consistently high data availability over the range of heights captured by the Fulcrum3D Sodar

Also, strong performance is gained at both simple and complex sites including excellent performance over a range of site conditions.