Fulcrum Energy today incorporated Fulcrum3D Pty Ltd with its joint venture partner Orang-utan Engineering.

Fulcrum Energy holds a 50% equity share of Fulcrum3D.

Fulcrum3D is a technology company delivering 3D sensing solutions to the renewable energy industry including advanced wind monitoring sensors based on its Fulcrum3D Sodar platform. Fulcrum3D develops, manufactures, markets and services 3D sensors for renewable energy developers and utilities worldwide.

The Fulcrum3D Sodar is an advanced technology set to revolutionise wind energy measurement by providing high quality, accurate wind measurements in a way that typical wind monitoring towers can’t:

  • the Fulcrum3D Sodar measurement range of more than 150m above ground covers 100% of the wind turbine swept area;
  • unlike typical anemometers, the Fulcrum3D Sodar measures wind speeds in 3D providing important inflow angle information;
  • the narrow tilt angle of the Fulcrum3D Sodar makes it ideal for use in complex terrain;
  • the unit is short lead time, low cost, with flexible deployment / redeployment, and does not require planning approvals to install.

Fulcrum3D manufactures its Sodar units in Sydney, NSW and provides these units via both purchase or rental options.