Fulcrum3D launches its integrated noise and weather monitoring system.

The system measures noise levels to a variety of standards and can be integrated to include other weather parameters (wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, temperature etc) and even sound recordings where required.

The Fulcrum3D Noise Monitoring system is designed to be fully portable and operated remotely:

  • communication via 3G/GSM or satellite means noise data is retrieved automatically and uploaded onto Fulcrum3D’s secure servers at the end of each aggregation period;
  • continuous remote interrogation to ensure correct operation;
  • integrated solar power supply providing non-stop power with in excess of 7 days energy storage to cover cloudy periods;
  • includes a GPS receiver, acting both as a security device (protecting against theft) and also confirming exact installation locations.

What this means is that noise specialists can access noise data, ensure correct operations, and even determine how many valid datapoints are available without leaving the office. This can save a significant amount of time, resources and cost by identifying issues early so that data collection does not delay documentation.

Once sufficient data is available, a technician can pick up and relocate the unit immediately with no battery swaps or data downloads required.