Fulcrum3D has launched its solar monitoring system.

The Fulcrum3D solar monitoring system is a fully automated remote sensing system designed to accurately measure solar irradiance and other weather parameters, and to identify cloud profiles at a site. A variety of solar and weather parameters can be monitored, and the system includes support for CloudCAM™ cloud monitoring technology.

It is a portable stand-alone unit, delivered complete with its own GPS locator, solar power supply and communications system.

Applications include:

  • site prospecting and resource assessment;
  • system sizing based on typical cloud frequency and duration (e.g. PV / storage / generator ratios);
  • operating plant performance monitoring;
  • ramp rate limiting control systems (with CloudCAM™);
  • spinning reserve set-point control systems (with CloudCAM™);

The Fulcrum3D solar monitoring system will be fully supported by Fulcrum3D’s FlightDECK™.