Fulcrum3D is a major sponsor of ISARS 2014 conference.

Director Colin Bonner and Technical Manager Hugh Sangster will be on the ground in Auckland, and are speaking at the conference: Hugh at the exhibitors conference and Colin is presenting a paper with performance results of Fulcrum3D’s unique SodarF3D™. Results will be presented from deployments in simple and complex terrain, demonstrating the key benefits of the Fulcrum3D sodar’s unique optimisation for the wind energy market.

ISARS was founded in 1981 as the International Society of Acoustic Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Oceans. ISARS organises a symposium every two years on Remote Sensing and Associated Techniques of the Atmosphere and Oceans, with a particular focus on Atmospheric and Oceanic Boundary Layers and related applications.

This year’s symposium will be hosted by the Department of Physics at The University of Auckland and will be convened in plenary oral sessions and poster sessions.

This year’s topics are:

  • Turbulence, fluxes, and temperature profiling;
  • Complex terrain;
  • Urban environments;
  • Model-observation comparisons, forecasting;
  • Field observations of BL height and dynamics;
  • Instrument evaluation and improvement;
  • Wind energy applications;
  • New technologies.