Fulcrum3D engaged Parsons Brinckerhoff to evaluate the performance of three Fulcrum3D SodarF3D™’s in simple and complex terrains, by detailed comparison with reliable and known measurement sources at three separate locations in Australia. 

Cup anemometers are considered industry standard for wind measurement, against which remote sensing devices are validated. Parsons Brinckerhoff has used guidelines and standards applicable to the measurement of wind data to undertake a detailed comparison of sodars with cup anemometer reference sources.

The report summaries the steps taken as well as the following key results:

  • Low horizontal wind speed bias exhibited by the sodar relative to the mast;
  • Strong coefficient of determination (R2) indicating excellent FS1 Sodar performance;
  • Limited day and night variation in operation of the SodarF3D;
  • Wind shear profiles that agree strongly with the adjacent mast;
  • Sodar data measured at these 3 x sites (simple and complex) are comparable to the mast.