Significant support for commercialisation of the Fulcrum3D’s unique SodarF3D™.

Fulcrum3D has been awarded an ‘Early Stage Commercialisation’ grant by Commercialisation Australia.

The grant of $800,700 will be received over the next stages of development of the Fulcrum3D Sodar, including validation in a variety of terrain all around Australia.

“At the end of a busy and successful year, we are very pleased that Commercialisation Australia has recognised the potential of the SodarF3D” said Colin Bonner, Technical Director.

“We expect that the grant will enable us to demonstrate the performance of Fulcrum3D’s Australian-designed and built Sodar in a wide range of site and weather conditions.  This will help customers interested in prospecting for wind energy to reduce the uncertainty in wind resource assessment and in analysing the characteristics of operational wind projects,” said Mr Bonner.

The SodarF3D has been developed over the last three years. It is a compact, transportable, re-useable, cost-effective alternative to current wind measurement technologies. It is designed to provide better performance in measuring 2-D wind speed and direction between 50m and 200m above ground level, providing similar data to conventional wind monitoring masts but including much higher heights than currently practical. It also produces valuable 3-D data (including vertical wind flows) at all elevations.