In this study, Entura has independently analysed data from a Fulcrum3D sodar and a Triton sodar (v2.0) in comparison to an adjacent 80m wind monitoring mast.

The analysis has been conducted in consideration of the IEA’s recently published recommendations on the use and verification of remote sensing devices.

During this test, the Fulcrum3D SodarF3D™ demonstrated accurate wind speed and direction measurements in comparison to the adjacent 80m lattice monitoring mast and competitor sodar. In fact, the SodarF3D outperformed the market leading sodar, on key metrics – within 1% of mast vs. within 2% of mast, 0.980 vs. 0.958 on R2, increased availability at higher heights.

An uncertainty analysis was also undertaken indicating the SodarF3D has considerably lower uncertainty than the competition and therefore has wide ranging potential.