Fulcrum3D has today completed the installation of two Fulcrum3D Sodar units, the unique SodarF3D™, on separate test sites in Europe as part of its ongoing performance verification program.

At each test site, separate blind tests will be carried out by independent consultants on behalf of Fulcrum3D by comparing the performance of the Fulcrum3D unit with a well instrumented met mast.  In different ways, each test extends on the extensive performance validation history carried out by Fulcrum3D.

The first unit is being verified against a 135m met mast in north-western Germany.  This well instrumented test site is the tallest met mast which has been used to date as part of Fulcrum3D’s test program. With instrumentation approximately every 20m this verification test is ideal for confirming the shear performance of the SodarF3D.

The second unit is being verified against a 120m met mast in the Netherlands.  This met mast is also well instrumented, and the trial is unique in that it is located within 200m of operating wind turbines. Fulcrum3D aims to demonstrate the ability of it Sodar to carry out operational testing of turbine performance to maximise yield at operating wind farms.

Both sites are in simple terrain and exposed to a typical European climate.

Results of the trials will be made available on their completion.